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PragmataPro Semiotics ui

Thanks to Aaron Madlon-Kay my PragmataPro Semiotics reached another level!


Type a keyword to find one of the 12,000 symbols included in PragmataPro


Starting today, PragmataPro has an even more comfortable readability!

PragmataPro 0.830 out now! Starting today, PragmataPro has an even more comfortable readability. Wider glyphs and less space between glyphs.PragmataPro 0.830 coding demo

Try to believe!

Other changes:

— all weights: added and updated the Nerd font icons
for the first time was added to Mono versions

— all weights: added notabene ligature available at codepoint 100010

— all weights: added Battery symbols at the codepoints EE00-EE05

— all weights: all the ligatures and Nesteruk glyphs for diagrams are moved to Unicode set 100000-10FFF0

— all weights: fixed the ⟜⊸○∘--- alignment

— Regular: fixed (U+2264) and (U+2A87) alignment

— all weights: improved some APL symbols design

— all weights: disabled ^^ -> ligature and Git Tree glyphs as default
Git Tree glyphs are activable using OpenType Feature ss13


Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.
Thank you!


This version coming from my experience as web developer.
Often I exchanged colon (:) with semicolon (;) and sometime I had the suspect that L lowercase can be more distinguished using a new design. After this redesign I can work now more sure to avoid misinterpretations.

Redesign dollar l colon eszett in PragmataPro 0.829

— Curly slash and backslash in Git tree command line

It’s possible to enable it using Pragmata Pro™ with OpenType Stylistic Set 13 named ‘git tree’.
Every slash and backslash, at specific conditions, will appears with curly terminations even with Italic versions.
From now coders can see a more nice Git tree in their command line editor

PragmataPro command line git tree

— Extended the range of ligatures

Ligatures helps a lot the programmers. Now the help is increased!

PragmataPro 0829 ligatures

— Added Bulgarian and Serbian language support

Cyrillic set now includes also Bulgarian and Serbian characters

— Other improvements:

— Regular: Soft dotted improved and Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols glyphs can be accented
like other standard letters using Combining Diacritical Marks set

Regular: improved the design of APL glyphs

Regular: improved the design of Mathematical Operators

Regular: BQN programming glyphs like
˜˘•÷׬⎉⚇⍟◶⊘⎊⍎⍕⟨⟩√⋆⌽∊↑∧⊔⊏⊐π←↙⍷⍋⊑⊒⍳⊣⊢⍉↕⊸∘○⟜⋄↩↖⌾⥊↓∨⌊⍒⌈≢≤≥⇐… are improved by design

Regular: added curly arrows ︎↖︎↗ ↙↘︎ ↘︎↙ ↗↖︎ ligature coming from ↘︎ ↖︎ ↗ ↙ diagonal arrows combinations

Regular: Geometric Shapes set are more distinguished at small sizes

Regular: added Combining Diacritical Marks Extended and Combining Diacritical Marks Supplemental set

all weights: checkmarks appears by default from now, no more from Stylistic Set ss12

all weights: added Creative Commons glyphs and harmonized © copyright sign also

all weights: added Hellschreiber pause symbol

all weights: improved design and positioning of Graphics for Legacy Computing symbols

Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.
Thank you!

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