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PragmataPro Fraktur 1.2 2023

Under the numerous requests of expansion of the essential set, I finally completed the PragmataPro Fraktur typeface.

I designed numbers, lowercase numbers are default but uppercase ones are available via OpenType feature Lining Figures (lnum).
s lowercase is available also in historical version enabling OpenType feature Historical Forms (hist)
The set includes for the first time, I suppose, the unreleased design for Fraktur alphabets of glyphs like currency symbols (€ $ £ ¢ ¥) the ampersand (&) etc.
I designed all these unseen before glyphs in Fraktur using the priciples used in the Middle Ages: slants of the parts of the outlines (55° and 72°), variable weights of these parts and modular horizontal rhythm.

PragmataPro Fraktur 1.2 2023 OpenType Ligatures

I also designed ligatures to improve the readability and to respect North European tradition.
There are two kind of hyphen, endash, emdash and equal: default ones at 55° and the alternative at 0°, enabling using OpenType Stylistic Set 01 feature (ss01).

If you are interested to see more about this upgrade visit PragmataPro Fraktur page.

Fabrizio Schiavi Adobe Fonts

Some Fabrizio Schiavi Design fonts are available with Adobe Creative Cloud. If you use Adobe CC you can download and use them for free everywhere!

Fonts available:

– Eco
PragmataPro Fraktur
PragmataPro Fraktur Bold
Essential PragmataPro
Essential PragmataPro Bold
Sys Bold
Sys Italic
Sys BoldItalic
– SysFalso
– SysFalso Bold
– SysFalso Italic

Download all these fonts from here:

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