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Everseen is an Irish company that developes visual AI for business.
I’ve been contacted by Ideosuite in 2022 to improve their custom font used to create logotypes and headlines.

See a selection of all FSD custom brand fonts.

Everseen custom font 2022 designed by Fabrizio Schiavi in use
Some brand names typeset in Everseen custom font deisgned by Fabrizio Schiavi
e as icon set in Everseen custom font 2022 designed by Fabrizio Schiavi
Everseen custom font designed by Fabrizio Schiavi
Everseen logo and pay-off typeset in the new Fabrizio Schiavi custom font
Everseen custom font designed by Fabrizio Schiavi numbers and punctuation at work

Dutch public-service broadcaster NTR uses CP Company by Fabrizio Schiavi Design as the default typeface for their visual identity. From Wikipedia:

NTR was created in 2010, following the merger of the Nederlandse Programma Stichting (NPS) and two educational broadcasters, Televisie Academie (Teleac) and the Radio Volksuniversiteit (RVU).

CP Company is used in all of its four weights, from on-screen graphics to the website and annual reports. Gast Producties have worked on the design of the TV station at least since 2013.

Exemplary name title
Exemplary end titles
Exemplary end titles
Website detail (program overview with filters)
Spread from NTR’s annual report 2018
The NTR building in Hilversum in 2010, with a banner announcing the new station and its key topics (youth, education, information, culture, school TV, diversity).

For more infos visit the complete Fonts in use page


Amazing use of my typeface PragmataPro by Rai, the public Italian TV broadcast, to promote the 50th Internet Day.

Art director: Roberto Bagatti

Happy Internet Day to all!

Fabrizio Schiavi Adobe Fonts

Some Fabrizio Schiavi Design fonts are available with Adobe Creative Cloud. If you use Adobe CC you can download and use them for free everywhere!

Fonts available:

– Eco
PragmataPro Fraktur
PragmataPro Fraktur Bold
Essential PragmataPro
Essential PragmataPro Bold
Sys Bold
Sys Italic
Sys BoldItalic
– SysFalso
– SysFalso Bold
– SysFalso Italic

Download all these fonts from here:


With the Hiii Typography 2016 Merit Award, our Widiba institutional typeface won the third award!!!

2016-英文-专业 Hiii award winners

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