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In September, 2003 I’ve been contacted by MTV for the restyling of
I started from the beginning to work on a radical simplification of its visual elements, to achieve a better usability. It didn’t take much to realize the basic design I attempted would have called for a notable reduction of the rich imagery distinguishing MTV’s visual identity.

As a visual aid to help me in this process I designed Virna, a headline “op-art” inspired face with the ability to create both vertical and horizontal ligatures between single words among two text lines, with the same ease of linking letters in handwriting or a linked script typeface. propose 2003 by FSD

Horizontal and vertical ligatures

Virna is probably the first western font with vertical combination of glyphs

Some vertical ligatures of Virna font

Pure power!

Virna in use, slideshow

Virna is included in ADI Design Index 2005

A great satisfaction

Virna custom font for MTV

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