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In 2012 the Austrian design firm Lichtwitz Leinfellner committed me the Book weight of Sys to be used as CeMM corporate font.

CeMM wayfinding set in Sys

Optimized for publishing

I took the opportunity to redesign, after ten years, the entire font family with the goal of to improve the readability of long texts in print 2014 site in Sys 2.0

Sys 2.0 is available in 8 weights

to offer the right flexibility of use

Sys 2.0 font family specimen ideal for long texts

Cool printed texts

Detail of the text of a graph of CeMM Annual Report 2014

CeMM graph in annual report 2014

Sys vs Sys 2.0

Sys 2.0 has:
more than 500 glyphs and
useful OpenType features designed for publishing

Sys 2.0 vs Sys 1.0 infographics
  1. Tekl (verified owner)

    Well, this is a great font for small displays. Readability is excellent and the more condensed glyphs are perfect for smartphones. I use it in my RSS Reader Fiery Feeds and in my writing Apps.

  2. Mr. T

    Does this font get updates and are they for free? If yes, does it matter where I buy the font from (Fontshop, MyFonts, FSD …)? And is there a way to try this font before buying on my Mac?

    And can I use the website fonts locally in Photoshop or only with HTML/CSS?

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Updates are free. Buying here you can have them more quickly.
      If you have Adobe CC you can try it in you Mac.
      Web fonts doesn’t work in desktop apps like Photoshop

      • Mr. T

        Thanks for your reply. The Sys TT seems not be Sys 2.0. The regular style looks more like a light style. I then tried editing Text with the web inspector on the website Is it a feature of Sys 2.0 that the inches character (“) will be translated to “” when surrounding words? Is there a version in the download package which does not do this? And are there plans to add the character “ẞ” (capital ß)?

        Btw. do you know a website where I can see the italics style in action?

      • Mr. T

        Thanks, the Sys TT from Adobe CC seem to be very limited but already looks very nice. Are there free updates planned for Sys 2.0 which include more glyphs like the capital ß (ẞ)?

        • Fabrizio Schiavi

          Yes, at the moment is not a priority here but when possible I’ll surely add capital ß. Thanks!

          • Mr. T

            That sounds good. Actually I’m looking for a good Font for my Writing App Ulysses (and Sys 2 is my favorite at the moment). Have you thought about special and cheaper licenses for using fonts just on the own screen? I won’t need it for print production, images or websites, just for writing.

            Currently I’m using PragmataPro (I still love it) for technical writing but for longer Texts I would like to have a more balanced proportional and less technical font.

          • Fabrizio Schiavi

            I don’t think it is possible to create an unprintable font and above all to avoid the use in images.
            But it’s surely a good idea. I hope to find how to do it

          • Mr. T

            I understand that could be impossible.

            One last question: Does Sys 2.0 have the same line height or baseline like Sys TT? As I can’t refund the font when it does not work in my Apps (maybe cropped letters like “g”) it would be good to know. Maybe a trial version with missing letters would be a cool service.

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