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Sys is a condensed font designed to be used at low sizes like phone books but have also so much personality to be used at big sizes.

The Truetype version of Sys can quietly substitute a system font for web pages or others screen application files.

Inktraps used in Sys font

Designed as replacement of Verdana

I was very tired to read all the text of the web in the aliased Verdana font so I decided to design my own first web font in 2002 and, using Netscape Communicator settings, replace all the fonts with my Sys

Verdana vs Sys comparison

Used for Nintendo

Yes! Nintendo GameBoy Advance. What a surprise!

Nintendo wallpaper set in Sys font

Used in the NFL scoreboard by Fox

For its design, Sys seems to be also the ideal font for the low size texts on broadcasting

NFL on FOX Score Board set in Sys font


Also thanks to cyrillic versions added by Evgeny Laskovy in Regular and Bold weights

Sys font family glyphs

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