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Designed for architects

Siruca™ is a stencil font I designed in 2006 to be used in the way-finding system of the Al Hamra Complex, next to one of the highest skyscrapers in the world, the Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait.

Siruca in use at Al Hamra Complex Kuwait City

Pictograms inside

Siruca™ is a stencil font designed for way-finding together with its stencil pictograms

Siruca font and pictograms in wayfinding

The pictograms appear while you type

OpenType feature called Discretionary ligatures (also named Optional ligatures or Rare ligatures) make easy to find the pictogram you need.

For example: if I type the word car will appear the car pictogram

Discretionary Legature of word car in Siruca

Designed for a low budget projects

But with amazing results!
In the pictures: Italy-Russia identity for Moscow exhibition designed by Cristina Chiappini

Siruca stencil font used in a low budget declination

It works not just as headline font

Siruca specimen
  1. arvash

    Fantastic, looks great and very usable. I used it to add some cut out text for a personal 3d print and it was very clear worked great.

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