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Do you like Futura and Gill Sans? This is a contemporary version of these great typefaces. Perfect for corporate identities, user interfaces, web sites and everywhere is necessary to read a text clearly

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My favourite supermarket can have a better branding now

I was always been a loyal customer of the greatest retail trader in Italy: coop. Everytime I see their product I think “they deserve more”. So, in 2019 I designed the key factor behind their rebranding: the variable font Seitu™

Sample packaging set in Seitu™ variable font

A font derived by the coop logo

This variable font is my typographic interpretation and development of the legendary coop logotype designed by Albe Steiner and later improved by Bob Noorda in 1985

Seitu font designed by Fabrizio Schiavi and the Coop Italia logo designed by Bob Noorda

Consistency, dynamism and readability

The diagonals inthe letter c and p of the logo are key details in the development of the font family. A good way to mark the entire typeface and create dynamism in texts. The first goal anyway is the readability. Very very important!

Seitu™ coop font key details

A geometric font with a soul

I’m very happy about the results!

Sample headlines set in Seitu™ variable font

At the top of readability!

Great typefaces like Futura and Gill Sans inspired me for this project but the results have surprised me because Seitu™ is even more readable

Sample text set in Seitu variable font

Perfect for web!

Readability improved on screen as in print website redesigned and set in Seitu™ variable font

Variable font and single fonts are available

The variable font includes infinite combinations derived by Weight axis interpolation, anyway you can use the single standard weight available:
Seitu™ Thin
Seitu™ ExtraLight
Seitu™ Light
Seitu™ Regular
Seitu™ Medium
Seitu™ SemiBold
Seitu™ Bold
Seitu™ ExtraBold
Seitu™ Black

Seitu™ font lowercases

This variable font is available in WeightsAll package

Seitu™ font uppercases
All the characters in Seitu™ variable font

Maybe one day…

At the moment the coop staff ignored this project but I never lost the hope to one day see  my Seitu™ on the shelves of its supermarkets.
Meanwhile feel free to use it in your artworks today!

Spaghetti coop packaging set in Seitu variable font
  1. Peter Woodward (verified owner)

    Seitu is very readable at all sizes, probably the most readable of the fonts installed in my Mac… and it’s Variable!!

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