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PragmataPro™ is a condensed monospaced font optimized for screen, designed by Fabrizio Schiavi to be the ideal font for coding, math and engineering

PragmataPro coding and math font

PragmataPro™ has no interline spacing, so the lines are more compact in height not just in width. You can view a lot of windows at the same time!

PragmataPro more working space

Designed for the best possible view at low sizes

More than 9000 characters optimized
from 9pt to 48pt to guarantee the best possible readability

Download screenshots for your evaluation here

PragmataPro, some bitmaps

One typeface, 5 families for the right need

PragmataPro is a spaced modularly font family.
PragmataPro Mono is a very monospaced.
These two families coming with or without ligatures.
Essential PragmataPro is the less expensive version to coding for English only.

PragmataPro Regular version now has more than 18,000 glyphs!
The Bold, Italic and Bold Italic versions have more than 14,000 chars.

PragmataPro packs structure

Very useful files before and after the purchase

PragmataPro, PragmataPro Mono and Essential PragmataPro


PragmataPro vs PragmataPro Mono vs Essential PragmataPro,
OpenType features and hidden extras

Selectable TXT file with All Glyphs of PragmataPro

All chars.txt

Copy and paste the char you looking for, with Unicode positioning

All Glyphs of PragmataPro png

All chars.png

The screenshot of “All_chars.txt” set in PragmataPro

All Glyphs of PragmataPro png

All chars Mono comparison.png

PragmataPro vs PragmataPro Mono comparison

PragmataPro Semiotics ui

PragmataPro Semiotics

Type a keyword to find more than 12,000 symbols

IMPORTANT: Buy now and until version 1.0 all the updates will be FREE.
And also after 1.0 the versions with my fixed errors will be free.
Only some extra improvements and new features will be at payment but OPTIONAL.
The actual version is 0.830

Essential PragmataPro version doesn’t include ligatures


  1. Eddy Gurney (verified owner)

    It has been 10 years since I bought Essential Pragmata Pro (I originally found it on and bought it from MyFonts!) and 4 years since I upgraded to the full Pragmata Pro. It is by far and away the best terminal and coding font. Whenever I hear about a “new font” (from a discussion in Hacker News or wherever), I will try it out, but they sometimes don’t even last 5 minutes, and never more than a day — I always come back to Pragmata! Its clarity and design is *so* good, and something I stare at for hours a day, at least 5 days a week. Thank you, Fabrizio, for your continuing attention to detail to make Pragmata the best monospaced font there is.

  2. philippleserwolf (verified owner)

    Thank you for your ongoing support and work on this remarkable typeface! I’ve been using Pragmata Pro as my daily driver in software dev for many years and it has been a joy to look at (and work with) throughout.

  3. LB (verified owner)

    When it comes to software development, choosing the right font can make a significant difference to your productivity and wellbeing. PragmataPro is a condensed monospaced font that is optimised for retina screens and designed to be the ideal font for coding, maths, and engineering. It is a font that will give you a new perspective, literally, allowing you to draw connections that you couldn’t before, simply because there was no way for you to glimpse them in a single breath. With PragmataPro, you will learn all the best practices related to the layout of your code and the shape of your output. You will also be able to transcend the 80-column rule and make judgement calls on specific cases that call for 100 or even 120.

    I have been using PragmataPro for almost 10 years now, and I can confidently say that it is the best font for software development. I have tried many other fonts, but PragmataPro is head and shoulders above the rest. With PragmataPro Fabrizio has cracked some secret code, there is something ineffable to it that others simply cannot replicate.

    • Fabrizio Schiavi (verified owner)

      Thank you very very much for this feedback! I have to put it in a frame in my studio.

  4. xie zheng (verified owner)

    It’s been 3 years since the first time I use pragmatapro font,
    simplicity & clarity just wins! I can see each chars clearly.

  5. Claudiu Vadean (verified owner)

    This superb font has been with me for quite a while, in both editors and terminal apps. Unfortunately, I recently transitioned to using Windows (not my choice) and VS Code for work. PragmataPro looks pixelated and I’m not even sure antialiasing is applied at all (this is not an issue with VS Code on Mac). Any tweaks I don’t know about?

  6. pragisawesome

    Such an awesome font! Just wondering if any thoughts on slashed zero?

  7. sondr3 (verified owner)

    Far and away my favorite font for anything requiring monospaced typefaces. Has one of the widest and well designed glyph suites, fantastic ligatures and has a friendly and rounded feel compared to many other monospaced fonts I find a bit too blocky and unfriendly. Looks great in anything from WezTerm to neovim to Visual Studio Code to any JetBrains product, most my colleagues and friends who care a bit about fonts all ask “wow, what font is that?” when they first see it. I’ve used it for five years now and have no desire to shop around for other fonts, this feels like the endgame of monospaced fonts. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who wants a incredibly well designed and supported font to give PragmataPro a try, you will not regret it.

  8. Marc C

    This font is awesome, I got it shipped together with Blink shell.

    One thing I noticed, was just that it doesn’t seem to have a nerd font icon set, and so it doesn’t really render icons and folders correctly in Neo-vim. That would make it an awesome addition to be my daily driver.

    • Fabrizio Schiavi (verified owner)

      Thanks Marc for your review. Nerd Fonts are presents in the character set but not updated. The next release will fix it

  9. addwada sdasdada (verified owner)

    Awesome font and nothing feels as perfect at coding as this one!
    Thanks, Fabrizio 🙂

  10. kierun (verified owner)

    I have been using this for years now. Finally could afford the whole lot. While expensive, it is an amazing font and well worth the price tag.

    Thank you, Fabrizio!

  11. Florian Kretlow (verified owner)

    Hi Fabrizio,

    I can only repeat what others have said here before. I’ve been using PragmataPro for a month now and I’m still amazed by it every day. It’s by far the best programming font I’ve used, both in terms of readability and beauty (and I’ve tried a lot of fonts over the years). It just “feels right” to look at it all day long, meaning it doesn’t ever get in the way, and it renders code with unrivalled clarity. I guess this is high praise for a work of art/design… I love that you’ve designed the ligatures in such a way that you can still distinguish the individual characters.

    I’ve bought the full set and yes, it’s quite an investment, but if you’re working with code a lot, the quality of life improvement easily makes it worth every penny. And it’s not that much money per hour if you consider the total time I’m going to spend with these fonts!

    Well done, Fabrizio!
    Best wishes
    Florian Kretlow

    • Fabrizio Schiavi (verified owner)

      I’m very glad for this feedback! Thank you very much Florian!

  12. John Shepard (verified owner)

    King of fonts, thank you for bitcoin payment support!

  13. Tomas (verified owner)

    Finally, after years of waiting, I am switching from Envy Code R (also a very good font for programming) to PragmataPro. I am very happy so far.

  14. benny

    Hi Fabrizio, just want to give an update after using PragmataPro for nearly two years: Every single day I use this font for my work and I _never_ want to change to use another font. Haven’t regretted the expense for one moment.

    • Zbynek Novotny

      That’s a great testament to how perfectly designed PP really is. I like to switch it up every now and then just to keep things fresh a little, but always come back to PP eventually. The compressed nature of the font together with the design of important non-letter characters (braces, parentheses, punctuation,…) make it very hard to beat.

  15. Tarks

    Great font, but, honestly, I’m not a fan of new ‘!=’ ligature, as it differs from conventional ‘not equal’ symbol for which it was used most, I believe. Probably I will stick to 0.828 for now.

  16. Mark

    When is the 0.829 version going to be available on ?

  17. Rainie Brian

    Thanks for the quick fixes for 0.829 version, Fabrizio!

    Despite I cannot turn on (and make use of) ss14 you’ve recently added in my IDE, the main stopper for me is no more — you made less-or-equal and greater-or-equal ligatures default. That’s enough for me to start using the current font version.

    Curly braces, square braces, semicolons and commas — now all these characters look good and distinctive and I like their new shapes. The only thing I’ll have to get used to is the new ligature ‘!=’ and z-shaped ‘l’, but I think it’s just a matter of time and habit. And maybe one day we’ll all see the font configurator to satisfy all needs.

    Keep up your hard work, lots of people really appreciate it!

    Thank you!

    P. S. My previous comment via Discus here regarding the issues (which is pending now, probably moderated by you) can be deleted safely.

  18. Stakk3r

    Hi! I bought the PP Regular + Mono package a couple of months ago and have been using it daily ever since. Super happy about the purchase! PP manages to combine clarity and horizontal space saving with a pleasing look that doesn’t tire my eyes. Absolutely the best coding font for me. (BTW I’m still using mostly 1080p screens, so the hinting is very important for me.)

    I also wanted to thank you for the latest 0.829 update. The new “l”, curly braces and semicolon are a big improvement! I also just personally like this “l” style — the previous implementation actually bothered me a tiny little bit 🙂

  19. ciemnl (verified owner)

    The best programming font. I particularly appreciate the vast number of supported Unicode characters, which makes writing mathematics in PP more delightful than LaTeX!

  20. Lynn

    I wish I could afford it

    • Zbynek Novotny

      You might want to join Fabrizio’s mailing list. He sometimes puts it on sale around the Black Friday in the fall and announces that via e-mail.

  21. Vaidl Geartner

    Does the Fraktur version have a ſ (long s) and ligatures (ch, ck, tz, ſt) like Fraktur typewriters used to have?

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      No, Fraktur version covers only A-Z and a-z set. Anyway it’s a good idea to add the ligatures you looking for. Thank you!

      • Vaidl Geartner

        That would be great. I happen to own two typewriters with Fraktur typefaces including those ligatures. I could send you a scan of them, if it’s helpful for you (as reference material for example).

        • Fabrizio Schiavi

          Reference material is always important to me. Scan them please. Thank you very much Vaidl!

          • Vaidl Geartner

            Where should I send it, e-mail maybe? Any format you prefer?

          • Fabrizio Schiavi

            Email please use info [at] Thanks!

  22. ksoler (verified owner)

    Such a cool Font.
    I tried to switch between others but still on Pragmata.
    In my opinion, is a good font to work with as a developer.

  23. Mark

    Fabrizio, I notice the statement “IMPORTANT: All the updates until version 1.0 will be FREE”, to which I ask, will we ever reach 1.0 ?

    By that I mean you have worked so hard on updating this font adding characters that I have never heard of (not least to say ligatures) and if you even take into account incremental updates that’s still a lot of updates that are free to us owners.

    I for one appreciates the free updates upto v 1.0 and indeed the work you have and continue to put into this font, but I have to ask what are your future plans for the font what we have all come across and love ?

    You have put so much work into this font in terms of maintenance and fixes that I don’t really see much more you can do with it, but then I’m not a font designer, thought I do like you perfectionist attitude to the font!

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Thank you very much Mark for these words!

  24. mike cho

    i bought Essential PragmataPro.
    i Just want to see Hangul as a Korean
    i wonder how Hangul look like.
    is it possible ?

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Hi Mike, sorry but at the moment I don’t designed Hangul.
      Hangul, as every CJK fonts, is perfectly integrated with the width of PragmataPro glyphs

  25. clayman (verified owner)

    When I decided to splurge a little bit and buy a programming font a few years ago, I evaluated quite a few similarly expensive fonts together with this one. Many of them looked really cool, but that “wow” factor always wore off eventually and those letter shapes went from cool to downright annoying quite fast at that point.

    With PragmataPro, things were considerably different, though. Not only could I look at it for hours and hours and still be able to parse the text easily, moving from those cool fonts back to PragmataPro actually felt like a relief.

    At that point, there was no contest anymore. I knew I could get extensive mileage out of that font and the fact that Fabrizio, the developer of the font, still works on it and keeps improving it was the proverbial icing on the cake of that deal. PragmataPro is quite simply the best font for programming, technical documentation, and the terminal you could ever hope to find.

  26. youbuntu

    I want to use it at work and at home.
    If I purchase the PragmataPro Regular with PP Mono Regular font, can I use it on multiple laptops?

    • Fabrizio Schiavi


  27. benny

    Just bought Essential version to try. Got used to it within 15 minutes. Excellent font, I appreciate all the effort put in, now buying the single PragmataPro Regular for my coding with ligatures.

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Thank you very much for this!

  28. Michaël

    Bit the bullet, very happy with it ☺ Quick question; I want to use the font without antialiasing, and I’m wondering if this is the expected behavior on accents:

    Two things:
    – why is the lower part of the a different with and without accent?
    – why is the acute accent slimmer than the grave? And stuck to the a but not to the e?


  29. andreypopp (verified owner)

    Been using it for 2 years and this is by far the best monospaced font I’ve ever used. Highly recommend, especially if you like to have multiple splits of code editors side by side — the font’s condensed structure makes it a breeze.

  30. Michaël

    Hey, quite specific question; My shell prompt uses a space with colored background, followed by a ▶ in the same color; how would that look with PragmataPro? E.g.:
    Sometimes, fonts have a small space (colored with background of the arrow, hence black) between the space and the symbol. Thanks!

  31. Lich_Hegemon

    Man, I wish I could afford it, I’ve wanted this font for a long time. Hopefully soon I can buy it

    • Tulushev

      Well worth it. Being using it for more than 5 years. Bought Regular first and then bought other variants over the years. It’s everywhere in my system. The font is sometimes on sale

    • Zbynek Novotny

      Fabrizio sometimes puts the font on sale around the Black Friday season in the fall, although the time window is very short (I believe it was just one day). If you register for his newsletter, you’ll get a notification about it.

  32. alextes (verified owner)

    Have been using it for about a year now. I tried occasionally switching to other fonts, for variety and fun. It never lasts long. Pragmata Pro is just ridiculously right for coding.

  33. Reza

    After carefully reviewing your font and comparing it with other fonts (e.g. Dank Mono, Fira Code,

    Operator Mono) I believe this is the best one I have ever found and the price is quite fair. I was wondering if it would be a lot of work for you to create a different variation that only contains a few groups of glyphs? For example as a developer who works with C#, JS, HTML, CSS, Markdown, Swift and a few more languages I would only need English language and also some groups (e.g. box drawing) that don’t have a direct use in writing code are just nice to have. This way you might be able to make it more approachable for more developers. Dank Mono has an interesting price tag, but it only contains a fraction of what you have done (and not as beautiful).
    I have another suggestion too(based on Dank Mono’s again). I think it would be very useful if you could create a page in your website to let people type in their favorite language and see the syntax highlighting and ligatures in action before buying.

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Thanks for these precious suggestions!
      I’m working on a config page to offer the possibility of customizing Pragmata Pro, and surely a languages preview will included.

  34. Polyterative

    Can someone help me? I want to buy it but i’m confused about the version I need. I want the font primarely for programming, and I want the ligatures. I’m also not sure if I prefer the monospaced version or not. I was unable to find an image witn a comparative sample.
    Can I find it somewhere?

    • Zbynek Novotny

      The Essential packs do not have ligatures, so if you want those, you have to pick one of the other packs, all of which come with both non-monospace and monospace variants, so you don’t have to decide between one or the other.

  35. swthate

    Awesome! But how can I use dat sweet Fraktur style?

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      No problem if your IDE supports OpenType features as ‘ss03’ Stylistic Set 03.
      Otherwise please wait a bit because I’m preparing a configurator also for situation like this. Thanks!

  36. Rainie Brian

    Hello Fabrizio!
    Just installed PragmataPro v0.828 (on Windows 7) and noticed that a lot of apps began to render it improperly. For example, an application with pretty minimal font settings (you can select font name and size) started to render “PragmataPro” in italic instead of regular, etc.

    Further investigation showed that every Regular version has some of its properties tuned in 0.828 comparing to 0.827.
    Besides some older errors (such as Unique Identifier stated ‘Liga’ for non-ligature variants) these four regular versions now have set “Is Monospaced = Yes”, “Family Style = Monospaced”, “Proportion = Monospaced” and vice versa — even non-Mono versions of PragmataPro Regular!

    I guess there is a little bug; it’s appropriate for “Mono” variants but not for regular ones. Having set “Monospaced” flag on Regular, but not on Italic, Bold and Bold Italic among one family looks strange. As I remember, the intention for a separate “Mono” family was that some apps doesn’t recognize modular-spaced fonts and require a “true” monospaced font. Now metadata of “PragmataProR_0828.ttf” and “PragmataProR_liga_0828.ttf” says they’re monospaced while they’re actually not.

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Thank you very much for this notification!
      I just fixed this bug and all must works fine now. Please confirm. Thanks again!

      • Rainie Brian

        Redownloaded and it works just fine now.
        Thank you very much for this amazing font and for the quick fix!

  37. Lillies

    For anyone who is a student or who otherwise have access to an Adobe subscription, you can try out Essential Pragmata Pro as part of adobe fonts. It’s absolutely lovely and clear. I’d love to buy the full set when I could afford to. The only critique I have is that specifically on ubuntu terminal, the natural line height or leading is very small, and cannot be changed.

    • Zbynek Novotny

      It’s a shame that Ubuntu’s terminal app does not support this feature. I have been using KDE and its terminal application (Konsole) does support adjustable line height. I agree that the default vertical spacing for PP is a little too small for my preference, so I have added 2-3 pixels to it in Konsole. The end result appears much more natural and pleasing to me.

      You might want to try out Konsole, even if you use Ubuntu, although I understand that it’s preferable to use DE’s own application for better visual integration.

  38. Zbynek Novotny

    Hi Fabrizio, a small suggestion — could you please add a ligature for the “[fail]” log event, similar to how [info], [warn], etc. are handled? Thank you very much.

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Thanks for this suggestion! I’m just adding this new ligature today. New release is coming soon

  39. stef3232

    I am the kind of guy who likes to switch fonts once in a while. But as i got this one, that became kind of hard. Every font I want to switch to doesn’t look as crystal clear and crisp compared to this one. For me, this is the only font I can and want to use for development and code-editing. Well worth the 200 bucks.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Thank you very much for these words!

    • Zbynek Novotny

      Same here. I have a couple of “designer fonts” that look very stylish and cool and I always put them on every now and then, just for the kicks, but their looks always wear out on me after several hours and I start craving the simple, functional design of PP, and I quickly return to it. I believe that is the testament to just how thoughtful the design of PP really is.

  40. Xiao-Yong Jin

    Can we have a buying option for Mono without ligature but with all the code points?

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      In every package was included the version you need, it’s called “PragmataPro Mono” without the word “Liga”

      • Xiao-Yong Jin

        Yes. I was just wondering if you could offer the Mono version only without ligatures for a less price.

        • Fabrizio Schiavi

          Ah ok, at the moment is not possible to buy it separately. Sorry

  41. Mario

    I also have to admit, I didn’t like these compressed fonts. I saw this font a couple of times already on this page and found it via Google, but the price did hold me back.

    I want to code with pleasure, therefore I also want a good looking font, which doesn’t disturb me after a while. I used to test-drive a lot of fonts, really a lot. Some of them were very nice, but mostly only in a certain area like

    – looking very good, but doesn’t have ligatures
    – looking ok, but does include ligatures
    – looking good on certain font sizes but not so well in other font sizes
    – looking ok, having ligatures but no powerline symbols
    – looking good, does have ligatures and powerline symbols but only contains one font weight.

    This always bothered me, since some of them did cost something but weren’t as complete as I had hoped. There are third party tools out there for patching a font with ligatures for example, but it is not quite the same as with this font.

    Why did I buy the font today?
    After reading recommendations about this font every now and then, I had to look into this more deep (and also did test-drive it).
    First of all, you have to code a bit with the font in order to get used to it. Since most fonts are not that compressed, the first impression can be a little bit awkward. But after a while, you realize that you don’t become tired and are able to focus on the code even after a long work day.

    The font is complete! It has multiple weights, multiple font styles, powerline symbols, ligatures and looks awesome. All that I was looking for in a font.

    But there is one more thing which actually made me buy this font. The designer cares! He responds to the Github issues and also here. Not only is he responding, but actually providing updates for the font with fixes and new symbols. I want to support someone like that! He cares about the font and about his clients. That is why I gladly spent that much money on this font. It satisfies me and I think that the designer will also care about it in the future – since he did in the past too. Being a programmer myself, It is worth every penny to me.

    Thank you Fabrizio!

  42. allochi

    Hello Fabrizio, I bought PragmataPro few months ago and I love it! I use it for everything even in my browser.

    I read Arabic, and I’m happy to see that the font supports it, unfortunately, there are couple of enhancements that the font needs, and I have couple of small advices on the arabic style. How can I contact you better? do you prefer email or do you think we can have a Skype call? Thanks!

    Other than that, I regret not getting the font long time ago 🙂

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Thank you very much for your compliments and for this help offer!
      Could you write me directly ( ) please?
      Unfortunately my English is poor and if possible I would like to avoid conversations. Thank you again!

  43. regisk7

    Hello, student discount? And are updates paid or free?

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Updates are free until version 1.0
      Contact me please directly ( ) to obtain a student discount coupon

  44. alysdexia

    How did you make All_chars.txt?

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      I used TextWrangler. Why?

  45. Mitchell Rosen

    Hello Fabrizio, fantastic font. Thank you so much, I’m very happy with the purchase.

    Do you take requests? I have an interest in using the Z-notation relational composition operator (U+2A3E) in source code as a reverse function-composition operator, as recommended on Wikipedia (and it looks quite like a semicolon, which is nice). However, it is a bit distastefully big, especially compared to the traditional ring operator for function composition (U+2218). Would it be possible to shrink the size of U+2A3E, if only by a pixel or two, so that it’s nearer to the size of a semicolon?

    Again, thanks so much for the font and apologies if this is not a reasonable request to make 🙂 Cheers.

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      I’ll add U+2A3E surely in the next release. Thank you Mitchell for this useful hint!

      • Mitchell Rosen

        Thank you Fabrizio! Just to clarify, you’ve *already* included the character (I’m using 0.827), however my request is to make it just a bit smaller, closer to that of a semicolon 🙂 Thank you very much!

  46. T.J. Simmons

    Hello there, I mostly use vscode and code largely in python and javascript. My OS of choice is Mac OS. I use iTerm with ZSH. For personal use, which font should I go for? and how to install?

    I have never bought font for self use before. Would be happy to buy to try. Thinking of essential regular at euro 19. Is that something u recommend for newbies to try with?

    THank you.

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Hi, thanks for your interest! I suggest to try the font purchasing the Essential Regular and if you want more contact me again to avoid to pay again 19 €. To install in Mac OS is enough put the font files into /Library/Fonts

  47. Konstantin

    Do I understand it correctly that for full support of bold, italics and bold italics in my IDE I need to buy all the sets — regular, bold, italic and bold italic? Maybe it is sound obvious but still, I want an answer before I spent all the money 🙂

    • Fabrizio Schiavi

      Hi! If you have a license for PragmataPro Regular is not necessary to buy it again. It’s enough to buy the missing weights. Thank you!

  48. Fabrizio Schiavi

  49. Wolf

    I can’t afford your font so i made my own. I’m going to port it to FontForge and make it opensource when i’m done with my current projects. Thing is UbuntuMono is awesome so i have reasons to not do this ;p

  50. Bogdan B

    Hi Fabrizio,

    I love your font and I think it’s definitely worth the money for any serious programmer. I was just wondering, is there any roadmap for future versions of the font? A slight problem for me is the way it currently looks at larger sizes (eg, font size 14) when everything looks like bold on my 1440p screen (please see attached image).


  51. Mircea Zahan

    Nobody’s saying squat about anti-aliasing 🙁 Does it work with anti-aliasing turned off? All the screenshots are with anti-aliasing ON.

  52. petekaz

    I purchased the full set and couldn’t be happier! I’ve tried so many fonts over the years, but all have been flawed in one manner or the other. Pragmata Pro, on the other hand, is a work of art. There is so much to like about the font. It was clearly designed with the programmer in mind – everything from the punctuation all the way to the ligatures. I’m simply amazed at how much easier it is to grok code with this font!

    Embarrassingly, until recently, I had avoided this entire class of compressed fonts. To quote my wife’s favorite movie, Pretty Woman, “Big mistake! Big, Huge!”

    It has taken me years to find the *perfect* font for coding and now my quest has ended.

    Thank you, Fabrizio, for your craftsmanship!

  53. Anh N Tran

    What’s the different between the ‘Desktop’ and the ‘Web site’ options? If I bought license for website, may I also use the font on my personal computer? The web font version limits page views per month. Do you have the same limit here?

  54. Wolfram Stering

    Awesome work! I bought the Desktop package, I love that font for programming, especially the ligatures. I’m doing C++, mainly.
    Could you consider adding a ‘Light’ variant? (like Fira Code Light or Input Mono Light variants). Regular may look too strong, sometimes.

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