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After many years, I have decided to sell my collection of 90s fonts, believing that my designs from that period can capture the attention of many young graphic designers.

This package includes 38 fonts used in iconic contexts such as flyers for the legendary Cocoricò nightclub, Mixmag magazine, the pop band Backstreet Boys, and the prestigious ACL Fest in Austin, to name just a few.

On the right, you can see the cover of the Fontology foundry catalog, published in 1995, which featured many of these fonts.

Fontology foundry catalogue

This collection includes my first fonts, born from the youthful drive and passion to change the world through creativity.

At that time, most Italian graphic design was characterized by extreme monotony, relying on the same 10 standard fonts. It was a landscape marked by general uniformity.

Challenging this dominant trend, two revolutionary graphic designers, Neville Brody and David Carson, emerged and paved the way for other creatives like me, showing that it was possible to communicate more effectively by harnessing expressive freedom.

Initially, I abandoned conventional schemes and grids, designing new fonts that experimented with deconstruction to communicate in innovative ways and capture attention.

The embryo of this experimentation is represented by Exit™, completely inspired by Brody’s graphics.

Following this, the Moore003™ font family was developed based on Henryk Tomaszewski’s research on the typographic interpretation of the chiaroscuro in Henry Moore’s 1959 sculptures.

Next came Sidewalker™, D^44™, Aurora CW, Aurora Nintendo™, and DTrash™, typefaces that continue this typographic research by experimenting with styles that push the limits of legibility.

Lithium™ represents the extreme peak of this research, being my first symbol font that uses cyberpunk symbols and mass communication icons entirely invented by me, with lowercase letter spacing specifically designed to overlap symbols and recreate the communication overload of our era.

Lithium™, along with Fontology [E]™ and Mode01™, are fonts that push the boundaries of traditional use, constituting true forms of experimental visual art.

Washed™ is a caricature of calligraphic fonts, filling a completely unexplored classification area.

Parakalein™ has a visual weight akin to the physical heft of a mechanical block, ideal for impactful titling.

Amsterdam™ is a family inspired by fonts used in the USA in the 1950s, from which I deliberately removed the harmony of the era to explore a more dissonant yet equally functional version.

Unicode™ was the first screen font I created to ensure better readability on screen, containing texts from the earliest websites. At that time, text on monitors was exclusively bitmap. Unicode™ emerged from these bitmaps.

The experience in designing bitmaps led me to delve deeper into the concept of grids and geometry in general. By the late ’90s, I developed Monica™, MonicaDue™, Eco™, and Eco-Nomico™.

All these fonts are not common and likely represent the seeds of an expressive freedom that can still be rediscovered even after many years.

FSD90s font list

Don’t hate We are 1 set in Monica™ and Aurora CW™
© 2024 Fabrizio Schiavi

Eco™ typeface in use: Actual Label
© 2001 Benedict Laube

Don’t hate We are 1 set in MonicaDue™ and Eco™
© 2024 Fabrizio Schiavi

Monica™ typeface in use: Oummi
© 2018 Design Republic

Oummi logo set in Monica typeface

Don’t hate We are 1 set in Monica™ and Eco™
© 2024 Fabrizio Schiavi

Don’t hate We are 1 set in Amsterdam™, Lithium™ and Eco-Nomico™
© 2024 Fabrizio Schiavi

Climax magazine number 01 set in Washed™ and Aurora CW™
© 1996 Fabrizio Schiavi and Alessandro Jumbo Manfredini

Climax magazine number 01 set in Washed and Aurora CW

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