Abitare Sans

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Designed to be used in Abitare magazine, Abitare Sans is a 30 weight readable sans serif with special OpenType features for publishing

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The Abitare magazine custom font

Abitare Sans was originally commissioned by the group RCS Rizzoli Corriere della Sera in 2013. It’s a typeface of 30 weights designed to be used in Abitare magazine.
The request of the president Mario Piazza was a new CP Company™ with some redesigned glyphs, but the result is a radical evolution of its concept being intended to be used as a font for text far more readable.
In Abitare Sans was kept the geometric structure without neglecting the numerous editorials requirements.

Some pictures of Abitare Sans used in Abitare magazine
are shown at this page

Abitare magazine 533 head set in Abitare Sans and Avenir
Abitare Sans is available in 30 weights Roman and Italic with Cyrillic set

A special specimen

I asked at the graphic design studio Artiva to design the specimen of my Abitare Sans because I love their simple, minimal and clever works

You can download for just €9,99 the ebook

The ideal typeface for the grid system design

Abitare Sans text specimen

Useful OpenType features

Abitare Sans is not just a typeface for text, it’s designed to used in every way, and the numerous features covers almost all kind of typographic needs above all in publishing

Abitare Sans™ opentype features

The perfect UI font

The user interface design will looks better with a “resilient” typeface like this.
Above all at very low sizes!

Abitare Sans as user interface font


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    I love this font

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