Nure variable font

Nure™ variable font was improved and released today.
Some improvements:

Extreme Condensed Variation

To maximize the font’s versatility, an extreme condensed variation has been added to the Nure™ font family. This new addition opens up a world of design possibilities, allowing for efficient space utilization without compromising legibility. It serves as an ideal solution when limited horizontal space is a factor, without sacrificing the elegance and distinctiveness the Nure™ font is known for. From digital interfaces to headlines, this extreme condensed variation elevates the font’s adaptability while offering a unique visual impact.
Nure variable font Condensed

Improved Readability

One of the primary objectives of the enhancements made to the Nure™ variable font was to ensure enhanced readability, especially when used at small sizes or for longer texts. Careful attention has been given to refining the proportions of each glyph, making it easier on the eyes and ensuring a comfortable reading experience. The refined letter shapes and improved character spacing further enhance legibility, allowing the font to shine in a wide range of applications, from print to digital media.
Nure variable font

Display versions with reduced spacing

In addition to the existing variations, a set of display versions has been specifically designed to cater to more visually striking applications. These versions feature reduced spacing, creating a condensed and tight-knit aesthetic that instantly captivates the eye. Despite the spacing adjustments, readability and clarity remain uncompromised. From eye-catching headlines to impactful signage, these display versions of the Nure™ font are sure to make a lasting impression while effectively conveying the intended message.
Nure variable font
With the recent improvements, the Nure™ variable font has become even more appealing and functional. Try it to believe!

Do you want to use the Serif Italic instead of the default Italic?

Now is possible to customize PragmataPro, and other fonts, using OpenType features via OpenType Feature Freezer

OpenType Feature Freezer

A very useful tool, available also as command-line, designed by Adam Twardoch and others that freeze OpenType features to fonts, by remapping their Unicode assignments.

The complete command-line syntax:

usage: pyftfeatfreeze [-h] [-f FEATURES] [-s SCRIPT] [-l LANG] [-z] [-S]
                      [-U USESUFFIX] [-R REPLACENAMES] [-i] [-r] [-n] [-v]
                      inpath [outpath]

With pyftfeatfreeze you can "freeze" some OpenType features into a font. These
features are then "on by default", even in apps that don't support OpenType
features. Internally, the tool remaps the "cmap" table of the font by applying
the specified GSUB features. Only single and alternate substitutions are

positional arguments:
  inpath                input .otf or .ttf font file
  outpath               output .otf or .ttf font file (optional)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

options to control feature freezing:
  -f FEATURES, --features FEATURES
                        comma-separated list of OpenType feature tags, e.g.
  -s SCRIPT, --script SCRIPT
                        OpenType script tag, e.g. 'cyrl' (default: 'latn')
  -l LANG, --lang LANG  OpenType language tag, e.g. 'SRB ' (optional)
  -z, --zapnames        zap glyphnames from the font ('post' table version 3,
                        .ttf only)

options to control font renaming:
  -S, --suffix          add a suffix to the font family name (by default, the
                        suffix will be constructed from the OpenType feature
                        use a custom suffix when --suffix is provided
                        search for strings in the font naming tables and
                        replace them, format is
  -i, --info            update font version string

reporting options:
  -r, --report          report languages, scripts and features in font
  -n, --names           output names of remapped glyphs during processing
  -v, --verbose         print additional information during processing
  -V, --version         show program's version number and exit

Some snippets:

PragmataPro Mono Liga Script (Italics → Script)

pyftfeatfreeze -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Script' PragmataPro_Mono_R_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_R_liga_0830_Script.ttf &&
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss06' -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Script' PragmataPro_Mono_I_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_I_liga_0830_Script.ttf &&
pyftfeatfreeze -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Script' PragmataPro_Mono_B_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_B_liga_0830_Script.ttf &&
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss07' -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Script' PragmataPro_Mono_Z_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_Z_liga_0830_Script.ttf

PragmataPro Mono Liga Serif (Italics & Bolds → Serif)

pyftfeatfreeze -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Serif' PragmataPro_Mono_R_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_R_liga_0830_Serif.ttf &&
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss09' -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Serif' PragmataPro_Mono_I_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_I_liga_0830_Serif.ttf &&
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss08' -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Serif' PragmataPro_Mono_B_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_B_liga_0830_Serif.ttf &&
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss10' -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Serif' PragmataPro_Mono_Z_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_Z_liga_0830_Serif.ttf

PragmataPro Mono Liga Fraktur (Italics → Fraktur)

pyftfeatfreeze -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Fraktur' PragmataPro_Mono_R_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_R_liga_0830_Fraktur.ttf &&
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss03' -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Fraktur' PragmataPro_Mono_I_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_I_liga_0830_Fraktur.ttf &&
pyftfeatfreeze -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Fraktur' PragmataPro_Mono_B_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_B_liga_0830_Fraktur.ttf &&
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss04' -R 'PragmataPro Mono Liga/PragmataPro Mono Liga Fraktur' PragmataPro_Mono_Z_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_Z_liga_0830_Fraktur.ttf

A lighter MacOS script by Benas Svipas if somebody wants to use it instead of OpenType Feature Freezer GUI:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# Install - python and pipx
brew install python pipx &> /dev/null
pipx ensurepath &> /dev/null

# Download - OpenType Feature Freezer (
pipx install opentype-feature-freezer &> /dev/null

# Build - Italic stylistic alternates
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss09' PragmataProI_liga_0830.ttf PragmataProI_liga_0830_script.ttf
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss09' PragmataPro_Mono_I_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_I_liga_0830_script.ttf
echo "Italic stylistic alternates have been built"

# Build - Bold Italic stylistic alternates
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss10' PragmataProZ_liga_0830.ttf PragmataProZ_liga_0830_script.ttf
pyftfeatfreeze -f 'ss10' PragmataPro_Mono_Z_liga_0830.ttf PragmataPro_Mono_Z_liga_0830_script.ttf
echo "Bold Italic stylistic alternates have been built"

After it’s done you will find new .ttf files which will end with _script.ttf. Install them and you’re good to go. Remember to kill and relaunch your IDE or Terminal so it recognizes new font files.

The actual PragmataPro OpenType feature list:

PragmataPro OpenType features

To understand better how OT features works on PragmataPro I suggest to take a look at PragmataPro Handbook


In the dynamic landscape of web design, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for creating engaging and user-friendly experiences. One cutting-edge technology that has gained prominence in recent years is variable fonts. In this article, we’ll explore the use of the oook variable font in the context of the website, discussing its benefits and how it contributes to an elevated user experience.

oook in use: website

Understanding oook variable font:

What are variable fonts?

Variable fonts represent a significant advancement in typography, allowing designers to incorporate multiple styles and variations within a single font file. Unlike traditional static fonts that offer limited styles (e.g., regular, bold, black), variable fonts provide a spectrum of possibilities, such as different weights, widths, and even custom variations.

The oook variable font:

oook is a versatile variable font that comes with a wide range of styles, making it an excellent choice for web designers seeking flexibility and creativity. Its adaptability to various screen sizes and resolutions ensures a consistent and visually appealing presentation across different devices.

Advantages of oook variable font for

  • Improved Page Loading Speed:
    variable fonts like oook often have smaller file sizes compared to using multiple static font files. This can lead to faster page loading times, crucial for providing a seamless user experience, especially on mobile devices or in areas with slower internet connections.
  • Responsive Typography:
    The website can benefit from oook’s responsiveness, allowing the font to adapt smoothly to different screen sizes. Whether users access the site on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the variable font ensures optimal legibility and aesthetics.
  • Design Consistency:
    oook’s variable nature enables designers to maintain a consistent visual identity across various sections of the website. This consistency contributes to a unified brand image and enhances the overall professional look and feel of the site.
  • Creative Typography Options:
    Designers can leverage oook’s variable capabilities to experiment with creative typography elements, such as animating font styles or dynamically adjusting font characteristics based on user interactions. This can add a layer of interactivity and engagement to the user interface.
  • Accessibility and Readability:
    variable fonts allow for fine-tuning of typographic details, enhancing readability and accessibility. By adjusting font weight, width, or other attributes dynamically based on user preferences or device characteristics, can ensure a more inclusive experience for all users.

Implementation Considerations:

  • Browser Compatibility:
    While modern web browsers generally support variable fonts, it’s essential to ensure compatibility across different platforms. Conduct thorough testing to guarantee a consistent experience for visitors.
  • Fallback Options:
    To account for potential issues with browser compatibility, always include appropriate fallback options, such as specifying alternative standard fonts or utilizing progressive enhancement techniques.
oook in use: website


Incorporating the oook variable font into the website is a forward-thinking choice that aligns with the ever-evolving landscape of web design. The flexibility, performance benefits, and creative possibilities offered by variable fonts contribute to a more engaging and user-centric online experience. As the website continues to evolve, leveraging innovative technologies like oook variable font positions it at the forefront of modern web design practices.

PragmataPro Semiotics ui

Thanks to Aaron Madlon-Kay my PragmataPro Semiotics reached another level!

Type a keyword to find one of the 12,000 symbols included in PragmataPro


Starting today, PragmataPro has an even more comfortable readability!

PragmataPro 0.830 out now! Starting today, PragmataPro has an even more comfortable readability. Wider glyphs and less space between glyphs.PragmataPro 0.830 coding demo

Try to believe!

Other changes:

— all weights: added and updated the Nerd font icons
for the first time was added to Mono versions

— all weights: added notabene ligature available at codepoint 100010

— all weights: added Battery symbols at the codepoints EE00-EE05

— all weights: all the ligatures and Nesteruk glyphs for diagrams are moved to Unicode set 100000-10FFF0

— all weights: fixed the ⟜⊸○∘--- alignment

— Regular: fixed (U+2264) and (U+2A87) alignment

— all weights: improved some APL symbols design

— all weights: disabled ^^ -> ligature and Git Tree glyphs as default
Git Tree glyphs are activable using OpenType Feature ss13


Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.
Thank you!

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Everseen is an Irish company that developes visual AI for business.
I’ve been contacted by Ideosuite in 2022 to improve their custom font used to create logotypes and headlines.

See a selection of all FSD custom brand fonts.

Everseen custom font 2022 designed by Fabrizio Schiavi in use
Some brand names typeset in Everseen custom font deisgned by Fabrizio Schiavi
e as icon set in Everseen custom font 2022 designed by Fabrizio Schiavi
Everseen custom font designed by Fabrizio Schiavi
Everseen logo and pay-off typeset in the new Fabrizio Schiavi custom font
Everseen custom font designed by Fabrizio Schiavi numbers and punctuation at work

Nure posters designed by Artiva Design, Fuss and Ideosuite on Nure valley.
Pictures by Alessandro Casagrande.
Typeface Nure variable font designed by Fabrizio Schiavi.

PragmataPro Fraktur 1.2 2023

Under the numerous requests of expansion of the essential set, I finally completed the PragmataPro Fraktur typeface.

I designed numbers, lowercase numbers are default but uppercase ones are available via OpenType feature Lining Figures (lnum).
s lowercase is available also in historical version enabling OpenType feature Historical Forms (hist)
The set includes for the first time, I suppose, the unreleased design for Fraktur alphabets of glyphs like currency symbols (€ $ £ ¢ ¥) the ampersand (&) etc.
I designed all these unseen before glyphs in Fraktur using the priciples used in the Middle Ages: slants of the parts of the outlines (55° and 72°), variable weights of these parts and modular horizontal rhythm.

PragmataPro Fraktur 1.2 2023 OpenType Ligatures

I also designed ligatures to improve the readability and to respect North European tradition.
There are two kind of hyphen, endash, emdash and equal: default ones at 55° and the alternative at 0°, enabling using OpenType Stylistic Set 01 feature (ss01).

If you are interested to see more about this upgrade visit PragmataPro Fraktur page.

Nure all posters designed by Artiva, Fuss, Ideosuite and Jekyll & Hyde

I asked to some of my favourite graphic designers to make some poster using Nure variable font as principal tool.
At the moment there are 22 posters designed by Artiva Design, Fuss, Ideosuite and Jekyll & Hyde. Others will comes soon.
The 70×100 cm posters are avilable to order directly from this page.

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Nure variable font included in ADI Design Index 2022

The Italian association for the industrial design — ADI — included my Nure variable font in its annual ADI Design Index 2022.

ADI is the owner of the historic Compasso d’Oro award assigned to the best designers of the world since 1954.


To use Nure variable font, in combination with PragmataPro, as default font in your browser may improve your productivity.

After downloading Nure variable web font put in you user folder,
install Custom Style Script and addon available for the most used browsers for free and put this code in Options page.

@font-face {
    font-family: 'Nure';
    src: url('/Users/(your user folder)/Nure11-VF.woff2') format('woff2-variations'), 
         url('/Users/(your user folder)/Nure11-VF.woff2') format('woff2');}
body, .css-901oao, ._292iotee39Lmt0MkQZ2hPV, a, abbr, address, area, article, aside, audio, b, bdi, bdo, blockquote, br, button, canvas, caption, cite, col, colgroup, command, datalist, dd, del, details, dfn, div, dl, dt, em, embed, fieldset, figcaption, figure, footer, form, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, header, html, i, iframe, img, input, ins, kbd, keygen, label, legend, li, main, map, mark, menu, meter, nav, object, ol, optgroup, option, output, p, param, progress, q, rp, rt, ruby, s, samp, section, select, small, source, span, strong, sub, summary, sup, table, tbody, td, textarea, tfoot, th, thead, time, tr, track, u, ul, var, video, wbr 
{font-family: 'Nure'; font-weight: 300;  font-variation-settings: 'opsz' 18, 'wdth' 80;} 

Where font-weight is the first axis ‘Weight‘, its values starts from 100 to 900,
font-variation-settings: 'opsz' is the second axis ‘Optical Size‘, its values starts from 12 to 72
font-variation-settings: 'wdth' is the third axis ‘Width‘, its values starts from 75 to 125, according with Windows standards.

Changing these values you can find your perfect set up.

A visual example using Hacker News as test site:

Hacker News website Default view. Custom Style Script add on OFF
Actual view. Custom Style Script add on OFF
Hacker News website Default view. Custom Style Script ON setting in Nure variable font
Custom Style Script ON with this settings:
{font-family: ‘Nure’; font-weight: 300; font-variation-settings: ‘opsz’ 20, ‘wdth’ 90;}
Hacker News website Default view. Custom Style Script ON setting in Nure variable font
Custom Style Script ON with this settings:
{font-family: ‘Nure’; font-weight: 300; font-variation-settings: ‘opsz’ 30, ‘wdth’ 110;}
Hacker News website Default view. Custom Style Script ON setting in Nure variable font
Custom Style Script ON with this settings:
{font-family: ‘Nure’; font-weight: 300; font-variation-settings: ‘opsz’ 18, ‘wdth’ 80;}
Hacker News website Default view. Custom Style Script ON setting in Nure variable font
Custom Style Script ON with this settings:
{font-family: ‘Nure’; font-weight: 240; font-variation-settings: ‘opsz’ 18, ‘wdth’ 80;}
Nure variable font combined with PragmataPro monospaced font in Mozilla Firefox
Nure combined with PragmataPro in Mozilla Firefox

This is just a quick view of the potential of using a variable font like Nure as default font.


Seitu™ born with the goal to be one of the most readable fonts starting from the Bob Noorda’s coop logo.

After years of testing I can affirm that it is one of the most readable font designed until now. Take a look!


oook™ specimen display texts taken from

The oook™ variable font project was improved in these days because it’s full of potentiality.

oook™ variable font specimen display texts sample

Ideal for branding

Now this extraordinary variable font and its OpenType features is also a perfect tool for the branding of companies and corporations.

spreadsheet typeset in oook font

Best spreadsheet font?

The wide eyes of the letters guarantiees unique readability at low sizes and now is one of the best typeface for spreadsheets in Excel or LibreOffice.

Try it to believe!

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This version coming from my experience as web developer.
Often I exchanged colon (:) with semicolon (;) and sometime I had the suspect that L lowercase can be more distinguished using a new design. After this redesign I can work now more sure to avoid misinterpretations.

Redesign dollar l colon eszett in PragmataPro 0.829

— Curly slash and backslash in Git tree command line

It’s possible to enable it using Pragmata Pro™ with OpenType Stylistic Set 13 named ‘git tree’.
Every slash and backslash, at specific conditions, will appears with curly terminations even with Italic versions.
From now coders can see a more nice Git tree in their command line editor

PragmataPro command line git tree

— Extended the range of ligatures

Ligatures helps a lot the programmers. Now the help is increased!

PragmataPro 0829 ligatures

— Added Bulgarian and Serbian language support

Cyrillic set now includes also Bulgarian and Serbian characters

— Other improvements:

— Regular: Soft dotted improved and Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols glyphs can be accented
like other standard letters using Combining Diacritical Marks set

Regular: improved the design of APL glyphs

Regular: improved the design of Mathematical Operators

Regular: BQN programming glyphs like
˜˘•÷׬⎉⚇⍟◶⊘⎊⍎⍕⟨⟩√⋆⌽∊↑∧⊔⊏⊐π←↙⍷⍋⊑⊒⍳⊣⊢⍉↕⊸∘○⟜⋄↩↖⌾⥊↓∨⌊⍒⌈≢≤≥⇐… are improved by design

Regular: added curly arrows ︎↖︎↗ ↙↘︎ ↘︎↙ ↗↖︎ ligature coming from ↘︎ ↖︎ ↗ ↙ diagonal arrows combinations

Regular: Geometric Shapes set are more distinguished at small sizes

Regular: added Combining Diacritical Marks Extended and Combining Diacritical Marks Supplemental set

all weights: checkmarks appears by default from now, no more from Stylistic Set ss12

all weights: added Creative Commons glyphs and harmonized © copyright sign also

all weights: added Hellschreiber pause symbol

all weights: improved design and positioning of Graphics for Legacy Computing symbols

Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.
Thank you!


Dutch public-service broadcaster NTR uses CP Company by Fabrizio Schiavi Design as the default typeface for their visual identity. From Wikipedia:

NTR was created in 2010, following the merger of the Nederlandse Programma Stichting (NPS) and two educational broadcasters, Televisie Academie (Teleac) and the Radio Volksuniversiteit (RVU).

CP Company is used in all of its four weights, from on-screen graphics to the website and annual reports. Gast Producties have worked on the design of the TV station at least since 2013.

Exemplary name title
Exemplary end titles
Exemplary end titles
Website detail (program overview with filters)
Spread from NTR’s annual report 2018
The NTR building in Hilversum in 2010, with a banner announcing the new station and its key topics (youth, education, information, culture, school TV, diversity).

For more infos visit the complete Fonts in use page

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Amazing use of my typeface PragmataPro by Rai, the public Italian TV broadcast, to promote the 50th Internet Day.

Art director: Roberto Bagatti

Happy Internet Day to all!

PragmataPro HTML5 Entity compared with other fonts

— All the 2109 HTML 5 entities are included in this version

From now your web page can supports HTML5 entities without worries with Pragmata Pro because it’s one of the rarest fonts that can do this.

HTML5 requires also some weird combined characters hard to find.

All the 2109 HTML5 entities was designed and available since PragmataPro 0.828

Click here to see the entire HTML 5 list set in PragmataPro™

— Comodore 64 nostalgia?

Sample of PragmataPro Graphic for Legacy Computing coming from Teletext, Atari and Comodore64

Pragmata Pro™ is the first monospaced typeface offering ‘Graphic for Legacy Computing’ Unicode set. All these glyphs coming from Teletext, Atari and Comodore 64 system.

These symbols converted as text are designed to build images. Practically is a ‘Block Elements’ set extension.

— Added Runic set

PragmataPro Runic, includes Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Runes

I love the design of Runic letters and, after the request of a user, I’ve added them with pleasure to PragmataPro

PragmataPro Runic coding sample

PragmataPro Runic is the first monospaced Runic of all time

— New # TODO, # ERROR and other useful programming ligatures

PragmataPro new # TODO, # ERROR and other useful programming ligatures

Do you remember [TODO], [ERROR]… ligatures?
The same trick was extended also # TODO, # ERROR

— Better Drawings with Boxes and Arrows

PragmataPro 0.828 - All the glyphs of the 'Box Drawing' set are vertically aligned to 'Arrows', 'Supplemental Arrows', 'Supplemental Arrows-C' and 'Geometric Shapes' when they are next

The position of the arrows or geometric shapes like triangles are now correct when them are next to Box Drawing symbols.
Since v_0.828 diagrams and schemas are now more consistent

— Greek letters are more distinguishable

PragmataPro new Greek Theta, theta and zero. Letters are more distinguishable

— PragmataPro Arabic with accents

PragmataPro Arabic with accents planned to works as automatic composition

PragmataPro Arabic diacritics are combinable with Arabic script

— Other improvements:

Regular: ‘Greek’, ‘Cyrillic’,’Latin Extended-A’ and ‘Latin Extended-B’ sets
are combinable with ‘Combining Diacritical Marks’

all weights: added these new ligatures:
->- -<- =>= =<=

all weights: added and updated new Nerd symbols from Nerd font

Regular: improved the design of  л (el), м (em), н (en), ģ (gcommaccent)

Regular: improved the design of some ‘Mathematical Operators’ and ‘Miscellaneous Technical’ glyphs to improve APL programming

Bold, Italic and Bold Italic: added ‘Latin Extended-B’ and ‘Latin Extended Additional’ sets

all weights: added the glyphs set by two numbers ‘Enclosed Alphanumerics’ like 11, 12, 13… 20

Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.Thank you!

Kus-stenen retraced by Fabrizio Schiavi, set in PragmataPro Runic
Fabrizio Schiavi Adobe Fonts

Some Fabrizio Schiavi Design fonts are available with Adobe Creative Cloud. If you use Adobe CC you can download and use them for free everywhere!

Fonts available:

– Eco
PragmataPro Fraktur
PragmataPro Fraktur Bold
Essential PragmataPro
Essential PragmataPro Bold
Sys Bold
Sys Italic
Sys BoldItalic
– SysFalso
– SysFalso Bold
– SysFalso Italic

Download all these fonts from here:

Mike Sierra Tango exhibition poster

PragmataPro, with other multiscript typefaces, will be show at MIKE / SIERRA / TANGO exhibition.
Presented by Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography at ArtCenter College of Design south campus, Pasadena CA
Curated and Designed by Lavinia Lascaris, HMCT Exhibitions Designer.
Opens February 7 2019

PragmataPro panels at ArtCenter Pasadena context
Fabrizio Schiavi with PragmataPro panels at ArtCenter Pasadena
PragmataPro panels at ArtCenter Pasadena
FSD black friday 2018

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Typefaces, stencils and playing cards at an exceptional special discount, one time at year.
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PragmataPro 0.827 loading time, a giant running like a cheetahWith the help of @kelas and other good friends of Pragmata Pro from the open source community, version 0.827 comes with a brand new ligature substitution engine which is 10-20x faster than before, depending on the input.

Now Pragmata Pro, with its 9437 glyphs, can be loaded in a few µs.
Practically a giant who run like a cheetah!


— Java and C/C++ reserved keywords are now kerned

PragmataPro C++ and Java reserved keywords kerned with GPOS table

Pragmata Pro™ is the first monospaced typeface to offer precise glyph positioning in common programming keywords, enabled by default in editors that support OpenType GPOS table.
The consistency and orthogonality of fixed pitch is now combined with the finesse of a proportional font.
The result is less tiring, aesthetically pleasing coding experience.
Your eye will know the difference before you do.



— Added Enclosed Alphanumerics set

Pragmata Pro Enclosed Alphanumerics

In all the weights of all the versions.



— Enabled Hebrew Nikkud

Pragmata Pro Hebrew Nikkud

At the moment only in Regular versions. In the next releases the same marking system will be added to all the weights and also in Arabic alphabet.



— Added Markdown checklist ligatures

Markdown checklist ligatures are available enabling OpenType Stylistic Set 12 in your editor and are based on these combinations:

- [ ]    - [-]    - [v]    - [x]


— Marks and accents are combinable with letters

PragmataPro sample of letters combined with marksMarks  are often used in Phonetics texts and Mathematical formulas.
Since this version they are in their right place.



— Other improvements:

all weights: problems with some terminal emulators have been resolved

all weights: added these ligatures:
|- turnstile like
||- double turnstile like
_|_ bottom like
=~= <-< >-> <--> <== <<== ==>>

all weights: vertical position of * (asterisk) are aligned to x-height

Regular: improved TrueType hinting of → ← ↑ ↓ # { } / \

Regular: improved the consistency between Mathematical Operators and Miscellaneous Technical set

— Bold, Italic and Bold Italic: added IPA characters and its extensions

all weights: typing us after numbers and space will appears microsecond µs in serif variant



Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.
Thank you!

PragmataPro optimized for Terminal app

I’m working at the PragmataPro 0.827 release and in order to fixing the slowdown of Terminal with the complete PragmataPro issue I’ll include in the package also Essential PragmataPro with the characters and symbols essential for programming.

For this I need your help in identify the very essential Unicode characters for this new Essential version.

Please select the Unicode Ranges and the OpenType features you feel essential or contact me directly if you prefer

Thanks for your time!

PragmataPro 0.826 all characters
PragmataPro 0.826 OpenType features
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Siruca Stencil Wayfinding Flag at Milan Design Week
The flag you’ll find at via Ventura 12, Milan. The pictograms meaning is: draw using Siruca Stencil here

One of the most successful projects by Fabrizio Schiavi Design is certainly Siruca, the typographical system created in 2006 for the wayfinding of the complex Al Hamra in Kuwait City.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, a special stencil in plexiglass containing the essential letters of the Siruca alphabet will be exhibited in via Ventura 12.

A limited edition design object that could be sold-out very soon just like the previous edition in steel produced in 2009.

Overlapping of Siruca Stencils in Plexiglass
Overlapping of Siruca Stencils in Plexiglass

Every visitor can write using the stencil what he things in a 100 meter paper, buying a deck of Siruca Playing Cards or just take a free copy of a poster designed for this exhibition with all characters of Pragmata Pro in one of the sides.

See you at Milan Design Week!

via Ventura 12, Milan
April 17—22 2018

PragmataPro Live perimetral view

PragmataPro Live is the exhibition of the first set of 9,000 glyphs of the Regular weight printed on a Forex panel of 21 meters folded into a big spiral.

PragmataPro hint created between the folded panel

PragmataPro exhibition is hosted by Aiap at the first floor of Palazzo Poli, the palace where was build Trevi Fountain in Rome and it’s visible until October 1, 2017

PragmataPro Live Rome poster

My son presents PragmataPro Live installation to you in a unusual way: a roller coaster inside the hint created by the big spiral. He makes a great surprise to me with this video. ❤️

PragmataPro is here, Palazzo Poli Rome

After many requests, I decided to change the font files structure of PragmataPro:


New font files structure since PragmataPro 0.826

The PragmataPro complete pack includes two folders: Fonts with ligatures and Fonts without ligatures
Both folders includes two kind of fonts grouped as Modularspaced and Monospaced.

The goal is to fit the need to have Modularspaced fonts without ligatures, Monospaced fonts with ligatures.
Two situations impossible to get before.


— New ligatures for R language and C#

Now the entire set of ligatures has reached 177 for every weight (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)!


PragmataPro 0.826 new ligatures




— Harmonized APL symbols

Thanks to the help of abrudz now PragmataPro has more consistent APL symbols


PragmataPro 0.826 APL symbols



— Minor improvements:

— Regular and Italic: improved the TrueType hinting

— all weights: ligatures are now more compatible with IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA



Log-in and download your updated files for free, if you purchased the license from this site.

Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.
Thank you!


With the Hiii Typography 2016 Merit Award, our Widiba institutional typeface won the third award!!!

2016-英文-专业 Hiii award winners

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